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1. Partial list of visitors from the NASA, foreigners working for or with NASA and a few special military friends between October, 2014 and March 30, 2017.

Note: U.S. IP addresses are generally only the first digits. They are not complete to preserve privacy. None of these readers has ever contacted us to dispute our findings. Some physicists have contacted us to express their support, but they are leery of having us use their names due to career concerns. Some full IP addresses from JPL itself may be inluded because they were the original source of disinformation (which lasted for 36 years) about the color of the Martian sky. The Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) is the source of the pressure sensors on Phoenix and MSL. They are also responsible for weather reports from REMS on Mars. There is close monitoring by a site in Tallinn, Estonia of everything new that I publish about Mars. On one occassion I saw that the reverse IP address was the DoD Network Information Center. I have also tracked at least one visit that initially looked Russian to my favorite visitor from the U.S. Army Intel Base at Fort Huachuca, AZ. They are most familiar with what I write, and I'm asking them to back my application to work as an advisor in the Trump White

IP address (first set of digits unless in Europe)

Location and date if recorded

Our accessed article


Darmstadt Germany, Technische Univeristat Darmstadt

10/28/2013 European Space Agency Comet Landing HQ

Ashima sunrise sunset problems


Alliant Techsystems Incorporated


ATK manufactures the launch abort motor, attitude control motor or the Orion. 

MSL Relative humidity sanity check


NASA AMES or Google at the AMES site


Mars Basic Rep.5-6


NASA AMES or Google at the AMES site

Mars Basic Rep. 2.6-2.7


NASA AMES or Google at the AMES site 

MSL Year 2


NASA AMES or Google at the AMES site

Nov. 8 2014 

Zubrin Letter





Ames 12/20/2014  

MSL Relative humidity sanity check


Ames/Google 12/30/2014 

Pathfinder pressures


Ames/Google 1/4/2015  




Mars sky controversy


Cal Tech 

MSL pressures to Ls 218
Comparison of VL-2 ad MSL pressure same Ls



Mars Report 5-6

And 3-4.1.2



VL and MSL Ls comparison


NASA AMES or Google at the AMES site 

Mars Basic Rep. 2-2.1


NASA AMES or Google at the AMES site 

MARS REP 2.2-2.4


NASA AMES or Google at the AMES site 

MARS REP 12-12.3


NASA AMES or Google at the AMES site 

MARS REP 2-2.1


NASA AMES or Google at the AMES site 

MARS REP 2.6.1 TO 2.7


NASA AMES or Google at the AMES site 



NASA AMES or Google at the AMES site 



National Aeronautics and Space Administration Hampton VA 

MOLA topography


11/24/2014 Arizona State University 

Mars dust storm nonsense


11/18/2014 NASA Glenn Research Center 18/Nov/2014



NASA Glenn Research Center

IS05/Office of the Chief Information Officer League City, Texas  

MOLA Topography



MSL weather year 2


NASA Glenn1/5/2015   

MSL Year 2 WX – cites NASA Glenn changes


NASA Glenn, Pasadena 11/19/2014 

PathFinder pressure readings Lander altitude Sanity check for MSL Relative humidity, MSL Pressure Credibility Problems


NASA JPL Pasadena 10/5/2015

MOLA topography


NASA JPL Pasadena 10/19/2015

155-mile high plume


NASA Glenn Greenbelt MD 

Ashima/MIT CGM


NASA Glenn Hampton VA  

Scale heights and transducer errors


NASA Cape Canaveral 10/5/2015

Sand movement 

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics 

Mars Atmospheric composition/


Helsinki Finland FMI 

Desai’s challenge and atmospheric models 


Finnish Meteorological Institute – Is this Henriq Kahanpää?  

Mach Numbers


Page lost



Los Alamos National Laboratory

9/17/2015  Seven seconds after the article shown which names the Russians with my uncle, a Russian site at IP tuned in to It is in Chelny, Russia. There was also reference to a reverse numbered IP In trying to track this number I get "You have entered reserved IP Address for private internet use and IP lookup for these will return not results."

Zubrin claims Obama is ending Mars missions


NASA Houston

Tavis pressure sensor suspicions


NASA/Malin Spac Science Systems San Diego 10/5/2015

Sanity check relative humidity; Recent breakthrough Propulsion; MSL Year 1 Weather Revisions


Northrup Grumman L.A.  

MSL another clogged pressure sensor


11/25/2014 Quantico Navy Network Information Center

Brandenburg – Nukes on Mars and and  

REMS Team - Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Madrid, Spain (Research Council) HOSTILE BYPASS OF MAIN MENU

(possible hacking)

MSL wind booms, MSL year 2 weather, Portal to Mars Correct, Original MSL weather record, Powerpoints 

Instituto Nacional de Tecnica Aeroespacial Madrid Spain 1/12/2015  

Press conference broken instruments


Valparaiso University Valparaiso Indiana Reference to NASA Glenn 12/10/2014  

Sonoluminescence as a Means of Energy Harvesting


U.S. Department of State (107 seconds)

Repulsine Drive,

Mars Sky Color



United Launch Alliance, LLC 1/19/2014. These guys make Delta IV and II rockets plus Atlas 5  

Mars Rep Annex G Tavis Sensor Suspicion
reverse IP


DoD Information network 10/30/2015

Mars Sky Color
reverse IP


DoD Information network 11/5/2015

Multiple Mars PowerPoints 2011 to 2014
reverse IP 


DoD Information network 11/7/2015

Elbing Contrained pressure spike for Ls 370

reserve IP


Wright Patterson AFB (alleged home of ET). Reverse IP: Fort Huachuca, AZ home of my most faithful reader of all new articles.

Mars sky color controversy. To my friend at Fort Huachuca, why not actually call me, write me or set up a meeting? I have an open mind to your needs. Or you could contact David about a job offer. He will have his physics Ph.D.  by summer of 2016. cool and


11/20/2015 at

06:56:21 (both IP addresses)

also and
Sunrise/sunset calculations. Personal notes to Ashima. Posted on 11/19/2015, read by Ames on 11/20/2015. and


11/23/2015 at

09:49:00 (both IP addresses)
Running water on Mars and


11/24/2015 at

06:14:52 (both IP addresses
Oxygen and trees on Mars?

NASA AMES/Google/11/26/2015 Desai's challenge on Martian atmosphere models

NASA AMES/Google/11/28/2015 David's resume

NASA AMES/Google/12/1/2015
Ashima/MIT Mars GCM

AS 1254 NASA, Hampton, VA 12/2/2015 Martian Sunrise an Sunset calculations by David and Barry Roffman

JPL/NASA Pasadena

12/2/2015 Annex G of our Report

NASA AMES/Google/accessed at 07/Dec/2015:10:14:43.

This article was accessed first (via
by a frequent tracking source in Tallinn, Estonia.
Tallinn is thus judged to be on the blue team.  Report Conclusions, Recommendations, Acknowledgements and Afterword.
NASA AMES/Google 12/10/2015   Rover Environmental Monitoring Station (REMS) - another poorly designed weather platform
 NASA AMES/Google 12/12/2015   2009 Data debate about pressure sensors
NASA AMES/Google 12/12/2015
2012 Mars Dust Devil Gedanken Experiment and Links to Figures on the Basic Report.
 NASA AMES/Google 12/13/2015 
MSL Summer 2 weather 
66.102.x.xx6 and
NASA AMES/Google 12/13/2015  Dust storm nonsense 
NASA AMES/Google 12/14/2015
Sand movement and Martian air pressure and NASA AMES/Google 12/15/2015
Running water on Mars Censor before forwarding! Note" Some Kremlin IP addresses alo begin with 128.

JPL Pasadena 12/16/2015 Mars Base
NASA AMES/Google 12/16/2015
Moving rock via proxy at Elbing KS reverse IP

99% Chance FMI/Henriq Kahanpää? He may have moved - he is not listed on a 2015 paper by FMI, Vasavada and others.

Elisa Oyj Mobile 12/18/2015

Niilo Latva-Pukkila Past: Teaching assistant (part time) at University of Jyväskylä, Summer Trainee at Finnish Met Moving sand

Finnish Meteorological Institute.

AS1741 CSC - Tieteen tietotekniikan keskus Oy

Sanity check for relative humidity at MSL

NASA AMES/Google 12/21/2015
Home page

JPL Pasadena 12/22/2015
How NASA fudges pressure data and
NASA AMES/Google 12/24/2015

Report section 12-12.2: Potential pressure, methane and sky color with India in the trail and with No India
NASA AMES/Google 12/31/2015 and

NASA AMES/Google 1/5/2016

Desai's challenge on Martian atmosphere models.

Note: Last accesssd by France, Germany Australia on 1/4/2016 and by the Kremlin on 12/27/2015. NASA AMES/Google 1/9/2016


MSL Sol 200 Anomaly


Ls of Max/Min pressures
NASA AMES/Google 1/11/2016

VL1, VL2, and MSL high and low pressures normalized to areoid

JPL 1/13/2016

@ 5:50 pm Eastern time

Proof Viking pressure Snsors failed
NASA AMES/Google 1/15/2016
Zubrin recommendation
128.156.x0.8x NASA Cleveland 1.15/2016
Disinformation about (Mars (wind and relative humidity)

64.233.172.xx3 and

China Science And Technology Network

NASA AMES/Google 1/16/2016 
with a later seen reverse IP at which is
China Science And Technology Network

Consejo Superior de Investigaciones, Madrid, Spain. These people manage Centro de Astrobiología which is where the REMS Team puts outthe weather data for MSL.




All weather spreadsheets done by us for MSL Year 1, Year 2 spring, summer and winter. Data was up to date when visited by the Spanish.
NASA AMES/Google 1/21/2016 Dust storm nonsense
Within 1 km of JPL 1/21/2016 Sanity check for relative humidity at MSL. This article was preiously viewed by JPL. Ames, FMI, Arizona State and other major players.
NASA AMES/Google 1/23/2016
David's physics degrees
NASA AMES/Google 1/27/2016 
Mars sky color
NASA Greenbelt, MD 1/27/2016
MSL finds organic chem on Mars. Is every one at NASA working to find life in Mars, or are some working to hide it?


Fairmont, West Virginia

Sol 200 and other anomalies
NASA AMES/Google 1/31/2016
Abstract and links listed but actual 
IP is

2/1/2016. The first IP is on Russia Row in London, England. What's there? Only a pizzaria. See BUT the reverse IP is from the Army base at Fort Huachuca, AZ - home of the most faithful reader of new articles. To my friend there - let's get together for Pizza - but somewhere closer than at RUSSIA ROW in London. I do, however, appreciate the humor in your choice of reverse IP address! cool

Note: On 10/14/2016 IP address had the map drop off rapidly, but after 4 tries with raod clicks on the magnifier I found Russia Row again. This time the page was about spherical life on Mars at

Mars Sky Color.


153.22.2xx.xx with reverse IP of xx.xx2.22.153

2/4/2016. The first IP is Dod Network Information Center. The reverse IP is Lincoln Technical Institute on SNOWDEN River Parkway, not far from the NSA in Maryland. On this day I published a Torah Codes article at which mentioned SNOWDEN and Clinton in Figure 1 at Two such street addresses (RUSSIA ROW and SNOWDEN) involved with reverse IPs in one week cannot be coincidence. My friend at Fort Huachuca, AZ was back on today reading my update on the 2016 election. He/she has read my thoughts on Snowden before (my son has an opposite opinion). So, the question is, am I back to playing war games (which is what I wrote for a living while on my last active duty tour until I turned 60), or is this a flat out warning be to be careful? Whatever the case, there are obvious risks with the new street name game, but risks make my life meaningful and, frankly, a lot of fun.wink


To my friend at Fort Huachuca, tag - your it. But please as I show on the red table above, Ivan is likely watching. The safest way to contact me is via snail mail that you got approved from up the chain of command. Use smart formatting. I will not republish it.sealedcool


2/13/2016 Update. Today Snowden Parkway came up again (IP , time:


, but this time with a reverse IP address that took me to Clemson, University in SC. Obvously my friend got the message that I sent and hid the true source. Enough games. wink

Nuclear Blast on Mars?


Sol 200 and other anomalies

 (accesed via reverse IP)

Finnish Defence Forces, Defence Command, Helsinki (likely associated with FMI in Helsinki)

 David's home page

Ames/Google 2/16/2016
Sol 370, 1160 and 1161 pressure revisions

Ames/Google 2/18/2016 
Mars sky color (same IP on 12/21/2015)

Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) 2/22/2016


Note: on 3/2/2016 we had a hit from a Helsinki Finland IP (AS1759 TeliaSonera Finland Oyj) . The articlee was Running Water at Full Report Contents with PDF dated 2/17/2016


AS1202 National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Houston) 2/22/2016
Sunrise sunset calculations

NASA JPL Pasadena


Relative humidity (dated 10/15/2015

Ames/Google 2/24/2016
Dust storm nonsense (last accessed by Ames on 1/21/2016)


Ames/Google 2/24/2016 Sanity check for relative humidity (dated 10/5/2015)


NASA Glenn Cleveland 2/25/2016

AS1316 National Aeronautics and Space Administration Obama birth and Trump


Ames/Google 2/25/2016 Full report contents

JPL at Pasadena 2/26/2016 Martian secrets

Ames/Google 3/5/2016
Mars sky color 
Ames/Google 3/5/2016
Mars sky color

European Space Agency

AS288 European Space Agency (ESA) MOLA Altitude
Probable REMS Team member in Madrid 3/8/2016
 Warm winter ground temps, Contents, REMS (poorly designed) Ames/Google 3/9/2016 David's original (2009) report which mentions the attempt by Ames to replicate dust devils a 10 mbar.

NASA Washinton, DC

3/11/2016 MOLA

Ames/Google 3/16/2016
Mars sky color

AS77 Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory 3/17/2016 (Near Ft. Meade) Running water on Mars

Ames/Google 3/20/2016 Gedanken Report

SpaceX E 3/23/2016 AS27277 Space Exploration Technologies Corporation Hawthorne, CA Mars Correct home page
107.178.19x.xx1 and 107.178.19x.xx3 and

Ames/Google 3/23/2016


MOLA and Mach numbers

Ames/Google 3/27/2016

Nonviable mechanical anti-gravity devices
64.233.17x.xx5 and 64.233.17x.xx7

 Ames/Google 3/31/2016


Report 2,5 - 2.6.1

MSL sols 370, 1160 and 1161

Ls of max and minimum pressures

Links to Basic report figures Cal Tech 4/1/2016

MSL Relative Humidity Sanity Check Within 1 km of Cal Tech 4/5/2016
Ground temperatures and possible life seen

 AS288 European Space Agency 4/6/2016 Phobos Gunt Failure

2 km from NASA Langley in Hampton, VA Uncle E. (This is a reverse IP)

AS20569 AinaCom Oy Helsinki Finland (likely FMI)n on 4/10/2016

Problem check on their Sol 1300 and 1302 high pressures Contents highlightng Sols 1300 and 1302
address lost - possibly hacked. Forgot to save?

NASA JPL Pasadena 4/13/2016

MSL day length and temperature. 


REMS and Ashima Sol Numbering problems

NASA JPL Pasadena  4/14/2016 Navigating Mars

NASA JPL Pasadena  4/18/2016
REMS wind boom problems

NASA Ames 4/20/2016

 Home page

NASA JPL LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE. 4/20/2016. Note: The IP address here leads to better photos of JPL than what has been seen before. MSL Sky color. Note: This article on was just repaired.

Ames AS15169 Google Inc.5/4/2016

Sky color disinformation

AS270 National Aeronautics and Space Administration

San Diego 5/4/2016




Spherical life

AS50 Oak Ridge National Laboratory 5/5/2016 Mars Base

Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 5/6/2016
Vaisala sensors used on Phoenix and MSL

Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 5/10/2016 Report 2.6 to 4.1

Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 5/10/2016 Report 2.6 to 4.1

Instituto Nacional De Tecnica Aeroespacial (Spanish Space Agency 5/11/2016
High and low temperatures vs. daylight hours

Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 5/12/2016 Wind booms and disinformation

Instituto Nacional De Tecnica Aeroespacial (Spanish Space Agency) 5/13/2016
High and low temperatures vs. daylight hours

Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 5/14/2016 Desai's challenge on atmosphric models

Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 5/16/2016
Viking 1 and Viking 2 pressure and temperature changes (time bins 0.26 to 0.3 and 0.3 to 0.34)

AS 288 European Space Agency (ESA) 5/18/2016 
MOLA Alitude on Mars  Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 5/24/2016
 Relative humidity Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 5/27/2016 Mars MAVEN

Instituto Nacional De Tecnica Aeroespacial (Spanish Space Agency) 5/30/2016

Chapter 8 - Force Characterization of

Asymmetrical Capacitor Thrusters in Air Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 5/31/2016
Home page Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 6/2/2016

Aldrin on a monolith on Phobos Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 6/4/2016
Report Sectons 15 to 19 Dated 6/3/2016
Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 6/5/2016
Home page
Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 6/5/2016 Mars Time Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 6/9/2016 Mars sky color
SpaceX AS 27277 6/16/2016 (twice - morning and afternoon)
Dust storm nonsense Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 6/17/2016 Martian air composition
129.167.253.xx (This is a verse IP)
NASA Huntsville, AL AS Number unknown 6/17/2016
Home page Fort Huachucha 6/17/2016
Home page 
192.94.65.xx NASA, Hampton, VA 6/27/2016 AS1254 Gil Levin Part 1 6/27/2016 AS1254 NASA Mountain View CA
Tavis CADS 6/27/2016 AS1254 NASA Mountai View CA
Annex G Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 7/2/2016 Nonviable mechanical anti-gravity devices
82..103.194.6 Probably FMI. In Helsinki Elisa Oyj 7/6/2016
Dr. Levin Part 2
CALTECH on 7/7/2016. 

Note: This article at was also accessed 
today by Kremlin IP addresses and

DIA also was also heavily into ArkCode today, 2 readers viewing
the last radio.
 Report 13-14
137.78.164.xx AS 127 JPL (NASA) on 7/15/2016 Full report contents
 AS 127 JPL (NASA) on 7/15/2016
MOLA Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 7/20/2016 and

Sand movement

Ashima and MIT

66.102.x.x3 Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 7/20/2016
155 mile high plume
66.102.x.x1 Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 7/20/2016 
JPL fudges pressure curves Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 7/20/2016 
Ls of maximum and minimum pressures Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 7/21/2016 home page Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 7/26/2016
Brandenburg Arizona State University Tempe AZ, Hostname Hellas.mars, 7/26/2016
Scale heights AS127 JPL 7/26/2016 JPL moves closer  on to our position on oxygen on Mars Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 7/30/2016
Martian air composition Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 7/30/2016 High temperatures for MSL Year 1 an 2 - Final Report AS41 NASA San Jose CA 8/3/2016
Home page
66.102.x.xx Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 8/4/2016
First estimate of pressure on Mars
 Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 8/4/2016
 Scale heights
 Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 8/11/2016
Spring break AS 127 JPL (NASA) on 8/12/2016
 MOLA ESA Leiden, NL and                                  Darmstadt Germany 8/13/2016 Wind boom problems Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 8/15/2016
Martian secrets

AS297 NASA, Morgantown, WV 8/16/2016

AS68 Los Alamos National Lab 8/16/2016 2016 Election

AS1254 NASA Hampton VA 8/17/2016
Desai, Parachutes, Home page and resume. This is after David applied there.

Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 8/20/2016 Report 13-14 Relative humidty and remp. measurement concerns

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, or JAXA

8/20/2016 @ 20/Aug/2016:02:05:32 MST and at exactly the same second the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center which is the Smithsonian National Aerospace Museum Annex MSL high and low temperatures and day length

ESA Leiden, NL andd Darmstadt Germany 8/23/2016        

Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 9/1/2016
Martian secrets

SpaceX AS27277  9/2/2016 MOLA

Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 9/2/2016

(The day after I called them.) Martian trees or just green bass?

FMI 9/5/2016. (or same building as FMI in Helsinki. See IP

This hit occurred after the reader (likely Kahanpaa) read - my article about the SpaceX disaster.
 Report 15-19 DODNIC at leading to reverse IP at MIT

9/8/2016 (57 seconds) (11 seconds) (10 seconds) (41 seconds) (17 seconds) (32 seconds) (32 seconds) (150 seconds)

ELS Maps 1,3,4,5,11,12,13,14



German Center for Aerospace e.v. 9/14/2016

AS680 DFN Verein zur Foerderung eines Deutschen Forschungsnetzes e.V
 Navigating Mars

NASA Greenbelt, MD 9/14/2016

FMI (likely Kahanpaa - see previous hits) AS 16806 9/15/2016

He has been on this site for 29.3408 hours (5188 seconds) (1 second) (45726 seconds) (8077 seconds) (635 seconds)

Clinton stroke and Biden.

Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 9/15/2016
 Martian secrets

FMI (likely Kahanpaa - see previous hits) AS 16806 9/17/2016 (26 seconds) (129 seconds) (21 seconds) (41 seconds)

SpaceX disaster and Clinton stroke
AS 41 NASA Los Altos, CA 9/19/2016
19/Sep/2016:17:56:41 MST7MDT
Dust storm nonsense, home, abstract , Vaisala sensors, Years 2-3 winter weather (same as above)
AS 41 NASA Los Altos, CA 9/19/2016
CONTENTS, Report Abstract to 1.2, Running water Ames AS15169 Google Inc. 9/21/2016  Desai, Parachutes 
 AS50 Oak Ridge National Laboratory 9/21/2016
 Multiple Frontiers in BPP articles, esume, and some Mars articles (spherical life) FMI (likely Kahanpaa - same building in Helsinki - see previous hits) AS 790 EUNETFI 9/22/2016 Brandenburg nuke
137.778.235.xx NASA AS127JPL 1/5/2015
 Running water on Mars FMI (reverse IP via Reunion, Africa) 10/12/2016 AS16086 REMS and Ashima back off winds - link to our radio interiew Southern European Observtory 10/13/2016. Home page and multiple othr IPs starting with 161.111

Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Madrid, Spain (Research Council)

10/13/2016 - REMS supervisor

61 of our articles on David's site. 61 of our articles on David's site.

AMES 10/13/2016 Home page


(5 IP addresses)

AMES 10/13/2016 AS15169 Home page

Consejo Superior de Investigaciones, Madrid, Spain.  10/17/2015 AS766 REDIRIS RedIRIS Autonomous System
Contents and Home page


AMES 10/17/2016 AS15169 Gil Levin Part 1


AMES 10/18/2016 AS15169
Beagle 2 found

Argonne National Lab (found via reverse IP) on 10/20/2016

AS683  Mars Sky Color  Ames 10/22/2016
  Mars correct home
Note to US Intel: This starts out lookimg like an Ames IP address (see 10/18/2016 above) but the reverse traces to a Kremlin AS8402 - usually Kremlin but here Ulyanovsk, Russia. 
 Oxygen on Mars FMI (likely Kahanpaa - same building in Helsinki - see previous hits) AS 790 EUNETFI. 10/29/2016 Ron Wyatt Consejo Superior de Investigaciones, Madrid, Spain.  11/8/2015 AS766

MSL REMS flawed

Ultraviolet  FMI AS1741 FUNETAS 11/11/2016 
Relative Humidity Sanity Check
66.102.x.x Ames 11/15/2016


Tavis pressure sensors

AS1316 National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Cleveland area on 11/16/2016) - the reverse IP is the DoD NIC

Relative humidity sanity check

Ames 11/22/2016

Spring break

Ames 11/23/2016 AS15169  (Reverse IP in Suzhou, China)

Oxygn in Mars air  possible plant life. This article was accessed on a day that new findngs about past life on Mars was released. See

Ames 11/24/2016

Disinformation about Mars - Sunrise sunset times

Ames 11/28/2016

Navigating Mars

Ames 11/30/2016

Exodus Route - Torah, Talmud, Geology, Biology and Codes. Previously we have only found the FMI and, U.S. Intel and Kremlin at

Ames 12/8/2016

Mars sky color from MSL

Ames 12/9/2016

Viking pressures normalized to areoid

Helsinki, Finland (likely FMI) on 12/9/2016
Early data for ExoMars 2016 crash

CalTech 12/9/2016 Flawed MSL REMS
66.102.6.xx and 66.102.9.xx

Ames 12/12/2016


Mars MAVEN in Torah Code


Tachyon Time

This DoD site has been seen before but left off reports. Always it backs into MIT with the reverse IP. Today (12/14/2016) it accessed my new article about Utopia Planitia which inludes Toah Code matrices about Utopia Planitia and Mars MAVEN. The interest here appears to be in using the Torah Code to derive astronomical information.

Utopia Planitia and Mars MAVEN in Codes and in new NASA findings.

66.102.9.xx and 66.249.93.xx

and 66.102.6.xx

Ames 12/19/2016 and


Zionism a threat?

Babylon, America and Obama

Running water on Mars


Ames 12/20/2016

Scott Jones

Ames 12/21/2016

Whitney Houston


Ames 12/29/2016

Algae/Oxygen on Mars?


Ames 12/29/2016

Obama Kenya birth, impeachment question

This IP address starts like NASA Ames, but finishes with a trace to near Deally Plaza in Dallas (56 seconds) (37 seconds) (39 seconds) (0 seconds) (7 seconds) (35 seconds) (0 seconds) (41 seconds) (4 seconds) (23 seconds) (10 seconds) (17 seconds) (1 seconds) (68 seconds) (298 seconds) (10 seconds) (17 seconds) (66 seconds) (29 seconds) (0 seconds) (36 seconds)

Multiple topics while I was tracing the previous Ames hits.

Likely FMI in Helsinki 12/30/2016 Beer Sheva and Gaza attack


Ames 1/1/2017 Exodus route


Ames 1/3/2017 Mt Sinai pics


Ames 1/5/2017 Expeditions to Egypt


Ames 1/5/2017 World War 3 Start Date


Ames 1/5/2017 Babylon. Obama and America


Ames 1/5/2017 Did Spirit find past life?
66.102.6.xx Ames 1/6/2017 Israel and ISIS
Ames 1/7/2017
Abstract and Report Part 1
Ames 1/7/2017 Valerie Jarrett & Obama control
 Ames 1/7/2017  George Soros
66.249.93.xx Ames 1/7/2017  Stephen Hawking
Ames 1/7/2017 Is Michelle Obama a Transsgender? Langley AFB, VA 1/10/2017 Pollard

 NASA JPL Pasadena CA 1/10/2017

Note: Reverse IP is China. Ask US Intel to check this.
 David's contents

Ames 1/11/2017 UFO Hacker Gary McKinnon
Ames 1/13/2017 (36 seconds) (1 seconds) (72 seconds) (27 seconds) (0 seconds) (26 seconds) (1 seconds) (26 seconds) (3 seconds)


Code Glossary


Trump and Mexico Consejo Superior de Investigaciones (REMS Suprvisor) 1/13/2017
 David's home page
Ames 1/13/2017


Brandenburg - Nuc on Mars

Zubrin, Delays and Mars

Ames 1/15/2017 Obama birth certificate
66.249.93.xx Ames 1/15/2017 David's Thesis Power Point
Ames 1/16/2017 Did Titus take the Ark to Rome?
Ames 1/17/2017  Islam's Judas
Ames 1/17/2017  Repulsine Drive
66.102.6.xx and a second
Ames 1/18/2017
 ELS maps
Ames 1/19/2017 Air France
Ames 1/20/2017  Dead Sea Scrolls
Ames 1/22/2017 MSL errors part 1  Ames 1/22/2017
66.102.6.xx Ames 1/22/2017 UFO Onion Drive FMI 1/23/2017 Wind boom problems
66.102.6.xx Ames 1/24/2017 Moving rock on Mars
66.102.6.xx Ames 1/25/2017 Vatican and Hitler
66.102.6.xx Ames 1/25/2017 Review for the Dan Holdings Book Three Days in the Belly of the Beast VTT Technical Institute of Finland (Helsinki suburb) 1/25/2017 - Possibly related to Kahanpää at FMI Potter UFO Propulsion dynamics - role of Uncle E in back engineering



Ames 1/26/2017

UFO Table of Contents

Ron Wyatt and Mount Sinai

66.102.7.zz and 66.102.7.zz

DoD 1/26/2017 and blockable - all likely related to Ames (here earlier today at ArkCode)

Running water and MSL Year 2 Fall weather

CERN 1/26/2017, reverse IP is DoDNIC



David's home page and PhD Thesis PowerPoint

Plus ArkCode hme page

Finnish Meteorological Instiute - likely Kahanpää 1/27/2017
Desai's challenge and the crash of the ExoMars 2016

Ames 1/27/2017
Moving sand & Martian air pressure


Ames 1/27/2017 Ashima/MIT GCM


Ames 1/28/2017 Brandenburg nuc on Mars


Ames 1/28/2017 Milley

Ames 1/29/2017 Arkcode home page
66.102.6.xx Ames 1/29/2017 MSL Sky Color
66.249.93.xx Ames 1/29/2017 Did Hitler escape to Agentina?
66.102.6.xx Ames 1/29/2017 Ark History
66.102.6.xx Ames 1/30/2017 No Palestinian State
66.102.6.xx Ames 1/31/2017 Polygamy
66.102.6.xx Ames 2/1/2017
Cure to aging
FMI likely Kahanpää 2/2/2017
Wind Booms & Disinformation. This article includes Kahanpää
66.249.92.xx Ames 2/3/2017 Ron Wyatt and Mt. Sinai
66.102.9.xx Ames 2/4/2017 Potter UFO 2
66.102.6.xx Ames 2/4/2017 Aldrin&Obama
66.249.92.xx Ames 2/4/2017 Pharaoh Obama
66.102.6.xx Ames 2/5/2017 Vendyl Jones
66.102.9.xx Ames 2/5/2017 TWA Flight 800
66.102.6.xx Ames 2/6/2017 Past Presidents (Reverse)
06/Feb/2017:05:48:02 MST7MDT Ames 2/6/2017 and
Past Presidents and old home pge
66.102.6.xx Ames 2/6/2017 Who is a Jew? Helsinki, Finland 2/8/2017 Likely Kahanpää
David's home page (reverse is DoDNIC)
AS31 California Institute of Technology 2/8/2017 Gil Levin Part 1
66.102.6.xx Ames 2/8/2017 Quantum tunneling
66.102.6.xx Ames 2/9/2017 Valerie Jarrett
66.102.6.xx Ames 2/9/2017 Aldrin and Phobis (a reverse IP) Lawrence Livermore National Lab 2/9/2017 Oxygen in Martian air
66.102.6.xx Ames 2/12/2017  Zbigniew Brezezinski - a would be CFR Pharaoh
66.102.6.xx Ames 2/12/2017 Armageddon, Assad, and Holocaust
66.249.88.xx Ames 2/12/2017 Fort Lauderdale airport shooter
66.102.6.xx Ames 2/13/2017 Nova Zemla H bomb
66.102.6.xx Ames 2/13/2017 Wikileaks
155.151.162.xx U.S. Army/Redstone 2/13/2017 (98 seconds) (41 seconds) (33 seconds) (0 seconds) (29 seconds) (0 seconds) (150 seconds)
Trump elected, Trumps' wife, Carrie Fisher, General Milley
66.102.6.xx Ames 2/13/2017 Roffman skip tables
66.249.93.xx Ames 2/14/2017 TR-3B
66.249.93.xx Ames 2/14/2017 Obama birth
66.102.6.xx Ames 2/14/2017 Dead Sea Scrolls
66.87.68.xx Ames 2/15/2017  Mount Sinai pics (Reverse IP)
Fort H. 2/15/2017


Utopia Planita

Report 3-4.1

Report 12-12.2

66.102.9.xx Ames 2/16/2017

Mars stonewall

66.102.6.xx and 66.102.8.xx
Ames 2/18/2017

GaryMcKinnn UFO Hacker

Donald Trump in 2016

Planet Kepler 22b



66.102.6.xx Ames 2/20/2017 

Titus and Rome Ames 2/21/2017


66.102.6.xx Ames 2/21/2017

Ending Muslim Terror

66.102.6.xx Ames 2/21/2017

Mars on Codes Likely Tavis. Site is in Mariposa, CA, home of Tavis 2/21/2017
Annex G, Tavis sensor suspicions
66.102.6.xx Ames 2/22/2017 Pope resigns
66.102.6.xx Ames 2/22/2017 Altering time lines

NASA JPL 2/22/2017


Ames 2/23/2017 251.565 maps

Ames 2/23/2017 Malcolm X, Obama, and Mars

Ames 2/23/2017 Donald Trump Nomination

Ames 2/24/2017  Dead Sea Scrolls

Ames 2/25/2017 Mars sky color

Ames 2/25/2017 Time machine and Ezekiel

Ames 2/25/2017 Phatoah Obama

NASA AS 127 JPL  Pasadena 2/27/2017
 Desai article

Ames 2/27/2017 Ron Wyatt and Sinai

Ames 2/27/2017 Nuke Iran via

AS 68 Los Alamos National Lab on 3/1/2017 BUT the reverse IP ( is our friend at Fort Huachuha Mars One Way
66.102.6.xx Ames 3/2/2017


Obama our Enemy

Obama - Reptilian Alien?

66.102.6.xx Ames 3/3/2017

Fast and furious
66.102.6.xx Ames 3/4/2017

Iran nuke deal This is a reverse IP.
Finnish Defense Force Command Helsinki. 3/5/20117. Last visit from them at IP on 2/15/2016. Likely Henriq Kahanpää.

Report 8 to 9 Los Alamos 3/5/2017

Ashima/MIT GCM
66.102.9.xx Ames 3/6/2017

Joldi Arias
66.102.6.xx Ames 3/6/2017 

Israel and ISIS

Helsinki. 3/6/2017. Likely Henriq Kahanpää. AS16086

Two hits -12,887 seconds (3.55 hours)

Obama wiretaps Trump

Ames 3/7/2017

Hitler escaped?

Ames 3/7/2017

Start 07/Mar/2017:11:13:51

Finish 07/Mar/2017:13:30:29






Oxygen in Mars air

and Mars sky color

and Mars slide show

and MSL credibility

and Winter & Summer Year 2 comparison

and Martian trees

and Resume

and Dust storm nonsense

and Beagle found


Ames 3/8/2017

Air France crash

3/8/2017. Likely Henriq Kahanpää. AS16086

Returned to Obama wiretap


Ames 3/9/2017


Zika virus

and Babylon, America and Obama


Ames 3/10/2017

Note: possible tampering with on-line records this day. A DoD site starting with 66.11 was missing from the record. The page was about the THAAD shield. This article was accessed by Moscow the next day. 11 March saw a large nu mber of MSNbots and a small number of THAAD access. There was 46 THAAD accesses  on 10 March 2017.

Stephen Hawking


Ames 3/11/2017

Moving Mars rock mystery

66.102.6.xx Ames 3/12/2017

David's home page

66.102.6.xx Ames 3/12/2017

Chemical Ali

66.102.6.xx Ames 3/13/2017

Oxygen and plants on Mars

66.102.6.xx Ames 3/13/2017

Ethiopia and the Ark

66.102.6.xx Ames 3/14/2017

Past Presidents Science Fair Experiment

66.102.6.xx Ames 3/14/2017

Spring Break Cruise 2013, NASA - We're going on another on 16 Apr 2017. Join us! It's on the Oasis of the Seas.

66.102.6.xx Ames 3/15/2017 150 seconds

Aldrin, Obama and Mars

66.102.6.xx Ames 3/16/2017 150 seconds

H bomb test

66.102.6.xx Ames 3/16/2017 150 seconds

Exodus route (2007 article)

66.102.6.xx Ames 3/17/2017 150 seconds

No Palestinian State 
NASA AS 771 Madison, Alabama 3/17/2017
Proof Viking pressure sensors failed 
66.102.6.xx Ames 3/19/2017 150 seconds TR-3B
66.102.6.xx Ames 3/21/2017 150 seconds Gravitics and time travel
66.102.6.xx Ames 3/25/2017 150 seconds Valerie Jarrett. Previous visits by Ames to this page on 1/7/2017 and 2/9/2017.
66.102.6.xx Ames 3/27/2017 150 seconds Ames 3/27/2017
Report Contents The Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial (INTA, English: National Institute of Aerospace Technology) is Spain's space agency. 3/29/2017

Critiques of REMS, Spring Year 3 report, Thesis, CV, UV etc.
66.249.84.xx Ames 3/27/2017

Ryan and healthcare failure
66.249.84.yy and 66.249.84.zz
Ames 3/27/2017

2016 Election
66.102.6.xx Ames 3/27/2017 150 seconds

Ending Muslim terror

Consejo Superior de Investigaciones 3/30/2017

AS766 Entidad Publica Empresarial

David's home page

Ames 3/30/2017 627 seconds

Jeremiah & Ark - - [30/Mar/2017:10:48:01 MST7MDT] "GET

Intel note of concern for 2/18/2016: An Iranian site hit when the message board was up. suffered at least limited damage to the Contents page when it happened at The record of the Iranian visitor was removed before I could copy it.

There are more intriguing possibilities with respect to highly placed U.S. readers at places like NASA, JPL, Ames (especially AMES) and even the NSA. It may well be that there are many workers in the space community (like Dr. Gilbert Levin) that agree with our findings and who want to encourage our research. If this is the case then allowing use of an official NASA IP address may be their way of giving us a thumbs up without taking the risk of actually writing us and placing their jobs in jeopardy. It's also possible that NASA is groping with a way to make the inevitable disclosure about finding life in space. Perhaps they will weave our findings in with some kind of spin that matches their political agenda. We generally do not record IP addresses of military readers although we suspect that two frequent visitors and are either fans or have orders to track our new articles to report on them. See the comments on the blue table above for 1 and 4 February 2016. With respect to we recommended that (if permitted) the readers contacts the blog to make requests for research that may enhance intelligence information in areas of mutual concern. Alternately, I recommend contact (using a pseudonym) on a non-government computer so that the interest is not easily tracked back to his or her place of employment, or as mentioned above, by snail mail.  For the record, I know where the first reader was located, but not his full name. In the summer of 2016 I was interviewed by someone who was likely NSA or Intelligence. The gentleman was waiting for me at the Cape Canaveral library after I stopped inside to drop offbooks. He positioned himself between his car (which was not there when I went in) and my driver's side door. The interview was largely friendly, but there was a subtle threat when he mentioned someone who had his computer confiscated by the government, with child pornography place on it, with subsequent prosecution. Hey guys, quit the crap and help me get on the Trump White House staff. We've either got a space program that needs to be fixed or we've got to prepare the public for a serious disclosure about our place in the universe.   cool