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I was born in Philadelphia, PA in May, 1947, graduated from Northeast High there in 1965, and from Temple University in 1969. At the University of Pennsylvania I earned a commission in the U.S. Navy in December 1968. After active duty in the Navy, I taught science (often Earth-Space Science) in Dade and Palm Beach Counties in Florida for 30 years before retiring in 2003. I also spent 10 years in the Navy Reserve and then joined the Coast Guard Reserve in 1983. In 1995 I retired from the military, but was recalled to active duty in March 2003. While on active duty, I wrote defense readiness and disaster response plans at Coast Guard District 7 in Miami, Coast Guard Pacific Area in Alameda, California, and for Districts 14 in Hawaii and 17 in Alaska. I retired again on my 60th birthday in May, 2007. I have been a guest speaker on the History Channel where I discussed my Torah Codes and Ark Code research (which is featured on my ArkCode.Com website); and at International Mars Society Conventions where (with my son, David, we have focused on Martian air pressure since 2010. MILITARY AWARDS RECEIVED: U.S Coast Guard Meritorious Service Medal, U.S. Coast Guard Commendation Medal, U.S. Coast Guard Achievement Medal, Commandant's Letter of Commendation Ribbon Bar (gold star in lieu of second), National Defense (double bronze star in lieu of third time), USCG Bicentennial Unit Commendation, Coast Guard Unit Commendation, USCG Humanitarian Service Medal, Armed Forces Reserve Medal (with M and Silver Hour Glass). As a Reservist, I proudly served aboard the following ships in the Navy: Aircraft Carriers: Lexington; Randolph; Franklin D. Roosevelt; Independence, and Kitty Hawk. I also served on amphibious communications command ship: Mount Whitney, destroyers Barton; Lowry; Blackwood (a DE) and USS Fox; frigate: Antrim, and coastal minesweeper: Thrush. In the Coast Guard I served on Buoy Tender Ironwood and WPB Aquidneck
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  1. Itamar Shabtai says:

    Do you think the disinformation published about Mars is related to a coverup about UFOs, and what do you think that the motive of such a coverup would be?

    • admin says:

      The purpose of this webs site is to establish scientific facts about Martian atmospheric pressure. There is ample evidence that NASA is wrong, but as our Basic Report and PowerPoint make clear, it could be due to problems related to Tavis and Vaisala pressure transducer design, and in particular to the instant clogging of their tiny dust filters on landing. See Figures 11A at http://marscorrect.com/images/corrrect_11a.png and 11B http://marscorrect.com/images/correct_11b.png in Section 2.4 of our Basic Report at http://marscorrect.com/photo2_4.html. If the problem is due to flawed instrument designs, (best case scenario) then the problems are open to correct through honest efforts. However, if NASA is aware of the design flaws, or has, for example, deliberately flown a sensor to Mars like the 1,034 (15 PSIA) sensor seen as Tavis Dash No. 1 seen at http://marscorrect.com/images/correct_10b.png on the Tavis CAD for PathFinder (see Section 2.3 at http://marscorrect.com/photo2_4.html of our Basic Report), then something more sinister is occurring and it would be much harder to get NASA to fess up to what is really going on at Mars. If they are covering up evidence of a former civilization that was destroyed there as we discuss at http://marscorrect.com/photo4_3.html then we are possibly dealing issues related to cultural shock, challenge of religious teachings and moral laws that might threaten civilization if subjected to new doubts. If Government or governments used illegal funding methods or actions to finance research related to alien technology, then the motive for cover-up may be to keep certain people out of prison. The questions of who knew and did what are beyond the scope of this site. Our purpose here is simply to demonstrate that commonly cited pressures for Mars are two orders of magnitude too low.

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